Accident Injuries

We can treat a wide variety of auto-related injuries without long delays. You can find a time that works for you within our flexible scheduling options.

Spinal injuries

Due to the jarring forces involved in even minor collisions, your back can take the brunt of any impact. Let us help. Through spinal manipulation, we can relieve back pain.

Whiplash Pain

While your body is fairly stationary during a wreck, you head twists about and puts terrible strain on your neck. Our chiropractors are experienced in treating whiplash.

Seatbelt Bruising

If you suffer aches and pains in your torso because of an auto accident then stop by our clinic. We have a variety of massage options to help heal the soft tissue.

Knee Health

Especially for taller patients, auto accidents can put a terrible strain on their knees. If you have trouble walking or going up steps, stop by for a checkup.

Insurance Accepted:

Your medical insurance is sure to cover our services. Stop by or call in today, and our helpful staff will help you with the paperwork so your treatment can begin.

Carpal Tunnel & Disc Problems


Tingling Fingers

Whether you are clicking away at a keyboard all day or you make the same repetitive motions on an assembly line, your hands and wrists are at risk for carpal tunnel.

Stop the pain

By returning malfunctioning joints to a more normal motion, our chiropractors can make specific adjustments to reduce pain, numbness, and weakness.
Woman Having Chiropractic Back Adjustment — Chiropractic in Maryville, TN

Transparent pricing

Madisonville Chiropractic Clinic is your easiest and most open option for chiropractic services. Learn more about our flexible scheduling and transparent pricing.

Pain diagnosis

There are many different issues you can suffer with your back. You may have a dull ache in your back, or you may be unable to stand up straight. Call today and book your appointment.

Disc issues treated

  • Intervertebral discs
  • Disc tears
  • Bulging discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Desiccated discs

Improve your back

Through spinal manipulation and manual traction, your back's circulation and range of motion will be improved. This should allow the tissue around the discs to heal.

Aches, Pains & Injuries

Don't mask symptoms

From migraines and headaches to muscle pain and backaches, pain medication doesn't deal with the problem – it just covers the pain up without fixing anything.

With our years of diagnosing problems and effective ultrasound technology, you can count on our chiropractors to quickly identify your ailment.

Once we've identified the underlying causes of your aches and pains, you'll have a wide range of effective chiropractic solutions and our experience at your disposal.

We heal Issues at the source. We take care of

Sports injuries


Help Re-Build your strength

Simply by straightening your back and neck to improve blood flow, you'd be amazed at how many headaches can be avoided. Our adjustments make a difference.

Feel that knee clicking? Do your ankles hurt after running half a mile? Sports are fun, but they put your body under tremendous stress. Let us help restore your balance and relieve pain.

Between your adjustments, massage therapy, and strengthening exercises, you'll find that you recover from the aches and pains of everyday life when you rely on our services.

Sciatica & Scoliosis

Back-related problems are serious and they are long term. When it comes to your back, the six most dangerous words are, "It will heal on its own!" Let us help with the symptoms.

The longest nerve in your body – the sciatic nerve – runs down your leg and when irritated by a bad back, you can feel a tingle, sharp pain or numbness throughout your whole leg!

Our experienced chiropractors use carefully controlled and directed pressure to remove interference from the spinal structure. The effective adjustments reduce sciatic pain.

When you've been diagnosed with scoliosis, it's important to get ongoing treatment quickly. Left unchecked, scoliosis can often worsen as you age.

Using specific spinal adjustments and corrective exercises, our chiropractors have had excellent success treating cases of scoliosis just like yours.

Subluxation Degeneration

Dealing with back pain is one thing, but did you know it will only get worse from here? The more your back tries to compensate for pain by shifting, the worse the pain will get.

When spinal damage goes uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on the surface of adjacent bones that aren't moving properly. It's called subluxation degeneration.

The splinting effect of subluxation degeneration can result in complete fusion if neglected long enough. Eventually, your back will lose the strength to keep you upright.

If you suffer from chronic back issues, it's important for us to provide ongoing preventative care. Our adjustments have been shown to slow and even reverse the damage.

The sad truth about backs is they can always get worse. No matter what level of subluxation degeneration you may have, you'll benefit from undergoing our chiropractic care.

If you've obtained treatment or gotten surgery from an orthopedic surgeon, ask him to send you to the best chiropractor in the area for additional care.